Ways to Check Out To Keep Your Lashes Natural

The first thing that you need to look for an ideal natural eyelash extension is to understand the fact all sizes are different. Furthermore, everyone has the different style and you have to decide which type or size, you want to adorn. Do you want dreamy, flashy, natural, and subtle one? You also have to pay close attention to the shape and size of your eye.

Coming to our question, how to make lash extensions look more natural? There are a few things to understand or answer like do you have small and medium size of eyes? Is it protruded, almond, monolid, and wide-set? When you the perfect shape and size, it will be very simple to decide how the lash extensions will appear. Also, know how your natural lashes are. Are they thick or thin, long or short? Eye color plays an important role when deciding on the right type of eyelashes that you wish to adorn.

Before Getting Your Eyelash Extension Done

Make Right Research

It is an important process, however what will you have to research? You have to research on everything possible. The lashes will stay on eyes for over 6 to 8 weeks thus you have to ensure that you know everything possible before getting it applied.

Research on lash technician that you wish to use, ensure they are experienced and qualified specifically when it comes to applying the lash extensions (opposed to general beauty technician). Check out their work on their website or wherever you may find the photos of expertise & ensure it suits on what you would like to achieve with your lashes. Grab some photos of the natural lash look same to yours so that you will be able to show it to your technician and get it done rightly.