Are you trying to find out tunnel management system?

Considering the wellbeing estimates which are to be dealt with inside a passage to give a computerized and safe condition for the specialist who are working near or inside it, Tunnel Management System is acquainted with showcase. This framework will monitor following wellbeing measures:

  • Level of individual gases Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen and so on.
  • Visibility level at singular point.
  • Live temperature status at singular point.
  • Ventilation System.
  • Live gushing of passage status through HD cameras.
  • Detection of numerous occurrence and Alarm System Fire, impact, sliding and so on.
  • Public declaration framework.

Every one of these subtleties will be observed from the control room; with the goal that suitable move can be made in the event of any crisis. The client can be told both by visual showcase and sound declaration on the off chance that it is required for passing data. Along this client will likewise be benefit with crisis calling enclose case they need to pass any data to the control room. Appropriate activity plan in the event of any variety in the significant 徐國勳隧道有限公司 levels. Appropriate activity plan if there should be an occurrence of any low deceivability crisis. Appropriate activity plan if there should be an occurrence of temperature dis-balance in burrow. Announcement and Displaying of messages if there should arised an occurrence of crisis.

Gear of tunnel management system:

  • Environmental Sensors GAS, Visibility, Temperature
  • Variable Message Sign board.
  • Video Incident Detection System.
  • Meteorological Data Station.
  • Automated ventilators.
  • Signal System.
  • Public Announcement System.
  • Alarm System.
  • Control Room.

SICE is an organization that creates and actualizes essential answers for the administration and control of canny vehicle frameworks. It introduces wellbeing, control and electro-mechanical frameworks in burrows and administers their upkeep and activity 徐國勳影音世界. For this reason it offers a vital brought together passage the board framework used to control and screen all passage frameworks and to ensure most extreme degrees of wellbeing and activity during both routine administration and in crisis circumstances.            To date the organization has actualized its innovation to acquire shrewd frameworks to move foundation more than 346 km of passages; it is one of the essential organizations to offer types of assistance identified with the turn of events and usage of basic passage control and the board arrangements.